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our mission

We specialize in creating incredible marketing videos

that drive real business results.

– Andrea Zirio, CEO Adrama

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our program

Elevating Brands, Empowering Sales.


To do this you need a combination of high-quality content that creates a high-perceived value
while crafting it in a structured way to increase conversion for sales & marketing.

marketing videos

Business promo, service video, social content, commercials, customer testimonials, highlight video, or anything in-between, we’ll create something that looks amazing and aides your sales and marketing goals.

branded contents

From small startups to industry giants, from Social Media to TV Broadcasts, we’ve had the honor of working with an impressive lineup of brands like Adidas, Land Rover, Clear, Jeep, Giochi Preziosi, and Maserati – just to name a few.

event memories

Whether you want to live stream your event, document a keynote or panel, create an event highlight, get an array of customer testimonials, or simply want to record your best memories – we can help.

educational promo

Looking to create your next Masterclass or train your staff? We’ve worked with an array of clients on capturing their educational content so they can help inform and educate their audience.

 corporate documentary

A corporate documentary is a powerful visual storytelling tool that provides an in-depth look into a company’s history, values, culture, and achievements, creating a lasting impression on external audiences.

consulting strategy

Developing an effective marketing strategy involves a thoughtful approach to promote products or services, engage target audiences, and achieve business goals. 

our reel

Take a Look at our Adv Reel.

adrama’s adv reel

We have a passion for creating business videos that connect with viewers on a deeper level and help out client get the opportunity to make a bigger impact on people’s lives.

Over the past decade we’ve had the honor of working with a wide array of industries on a variety of different video project. All with the same goal in mind: create compelling content that converts.

We’ve been fortunate to work with some amazing people & businesses along the way and they’ve graciously reviewed our team and the experience they had working with us.

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our creatives

We work with talented Creatives and Commercials Experts.

Some of the outstanding copywriters and directors we worked with

Alessandro Rota

Writer and Director

Director of many commercials including Vivident, Lavazza, Sirena and Skin Labo, Alessandro is an award winning director.

Federico Mazzi

Writer and Director

Director of several commercials including Giocheria, Telethon, Federico is a great director and a sensible storyteller.

Manuela Kalb

Writer and Copywriter

Graduated at Scuola Holden, Manuela is an incredible writer and a true “word fetishist, grammar lover and calembour specialist”.

Mauro Talamonti

Director and Art Director

Director of many projects including Honda, Mauro is a worldwide renowned director and photographer with a true artistic vision.

our network

We work with Brands, Agencies and Institutions.

Some of the amazing clients we worked with

how it works

“Video is quickly becoming a vital tool for small-business owners to help them leverage their brand, build loyalty and add new customers.

Michael Plummer

Forbes Technology Councils Member

Forbes, Jun 3 2022


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