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We empower filmmakers in crafting their movies and fostering connections with diverse audiences on a global scale.

– Andrea Zirio, CEO Adrama

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our program

Crafting Cinematic Dreams, one Take at a Time.


If you want to shoot feature films for a living, there are many important things that you’ll need to know and equip yourself with in order to get started in the field.

But most importantly you’ll need more than just the gear and technical know-how.

You’ll need powerful film production techniques to help you achieve your goals.


Improve your film skills
with effective courses
and private coaching.


Boost your career
with industry mentors
who manage your moves.


Be part of our community,
discover job opportunities
and create stunning projects.

our reel

Take a Look at our Film Reel.

adrama’s film reel  

Adrama’s film showreel is a captivating collection of amazing talents, showcasing strong films and creating unforgettable memories. From the very first frame, enjoy a journey through the world of cinema, highlighting the exceptional skills and creativity of our team.

Our showreel is a testament to the work and dedication of the talented crew we had the pleasure of working with. Each film featured in the showreel is a testament to their expertise and passion for their craft. It’s a visual feast that testify the hard work we put in every project.

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our network

We work with talented filmmakers and Film Industry experts.

Some of the amazing people we worked with

Cassandra Gava

Actress and Producer

Executive Producer of ULYSSES – A Dark Odyssey, Cassandra is a real friend and mentor.

Phillip Goldfine

Award Winning Producer

Co-Producer of FALLEN, Phillip is an Oscar Winner and a living inspiration.

Fern Champion

Awarded Casting Director

Casting Director of ULYSSES – A Dark Odyssey, Fern is a real Hollywood expert.

James Coyne

Writer and Director

Writer of ULYSSES – A Dark Odyssey, James is currently resident at Paramount Pictures.

how it works

“Every film is a journey, an adventure, a collaboration. It’s about finding the truth in a story and bringing it to life.

Steven Spielberg

schedule a movie strategy session

How it works.

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This is the exciting part! We’ll conduct a professional management, transforming your film project in the best light possible. We handle all the details to ensure you get the possibilities you deserve.