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If you deserve more opportunities, if you want to express your potential and you want to be heard,
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Learn and Grow.

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We have a passion for acting and performance challenges. We create emotional films that connect with the audience on a deeper level and help out actors get the opportunity to make a bigger impact on people’s lives.

Over the past decade we’ve had the honor of studying in prestigious schools around the world and to work on a variety of different film project. All with the same goal in mind: learn and grow.

We’ve been fortunate to work with some amazing actors & industry experts along the way and they’ve graciously reviewed our team and the experience they had working with us.


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Real People.
Real Results.

Real Emotions, real Connections, real Acting. Some of the Actors we worked with

Ortensia Fioravanti

London based, Ortensia came to the FALLEN audition and booked the role of Sarah. She had no real film experience but we had a great time with her because she trusted our process and nailed a great performance. From that moment, we worked with her on several projects and (proudly!) she won the Best Actress Award at the Longhorn Film Festival for the role of Mia in our film production DOG.

Woody Almazan

Former Afghanistan veteran, Woody booked the role of Jake Johnson for THE ECSTASY OF GOLD. We were so happy to work with him and he loved our filming approach that he joined another movie project we were shooting in Austin, WILD WILD MOB. Due to the great experience we had with him, Woody is currently in consideration in another film we’ll produce early next year, BATTLE BROTHERS.

Alice Doyle

Half English half Italian, Alice worked as the lead character in our film SEX GAME. She has worked with us on different projects and commercials. She is not only a great actress but also a very good voice over artist and we worked together on different film dubbing projects. Alice is also known for being the principal voice of many famous manga TV cartoons currently on air in the Italian TV.

Stewart Arnold

New York raised currently living in Turin, Stewart is a one of those actors you will always want to work with. Our working relationship started many years ago and continued both in commercials and movies: ULYSSES, THE SPIRIT CHASER, DOG, WILD WILD MOB, etc. Stuart’s performances are so good you’ll be glued to the screen. He is also a very good singer and musician, leader of the band Doggone Dogs.

how it works

“Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion.

You must set yourself on fire.”

Arnold H. Glasow

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