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we are dedicated to producing impactful films and commercials while nurturing creative talent through our academy 

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We make dynamic, innovative films that have both commercial and festival success.

Some of our latest productions

Independent, modern-day approach encompassing the development, production, financing and distribution of movies for international audiences.

The Ecstasy of Gold

Western, 90′

‘So much blood for that gold.’

Colt Turner returns home after a long time, eager to embrace his beloved partner Annie. His homecoming is met with a tense atmosphere, as Colt holds valuable information about the treasure of Jesse James.


Post Apocalyptic, 85′

‘Are we human, after all?’

After a viral pandemic has exterminated almost all of Earth’s population, only a few men are left roaming the
lawless streets. Will Dog and Mia be able to escape their adversaries and arrive in time to change the fate of humanity?


Horror, 80′

‘Some doors should never be opened.’

Living on a remote farm, a disgraced priest remains haunted by an exorcism gone wrong years earlier. Abraham Fallen soon gets a shot at redemption when he finds himself in a battle against an army of demonic creatures.

Code: Karim

Action, 90′

‘How far can we go before we cross the limit?’

After years spent in war-torn Syria, Karim decides to return to Italy, eager to finally put behind his terrible experiences and regain his life. But in order to do so, he will have to pay a very high price. Will he get his freedom back?

Ulysses – A Dark Odyssey

Thriller, 110′

‘Freedom is not given. You have to take it.’

United States of Europe is established 2020.
Back from war in the Middle East, amnesiac Ulysses goes through a night of revenge looking for his wife, Penelope. In the end, he will discover more than he is ready to accept.

The Spirit Chaser
Horror, 90′

‘They have gone too far…’

With: Dylan Aires, Piero Alì Passatore, Stewart Arnold, Sharon Frier, Vanina Bianco, Alessia Pretolongo, Giovanni Mancaruso

Distribuited by Global Genesis Group.

I See Monsters
Horror, 20′

With: Andrea Zirio, Vanina Bianco, Alessia Pratolongo, Giulio Caterino

Winner of ‘Best Foreign Film’ and ‘Best Actor’ at Beverly Hills Film Festival 2014.

L’Uomo Col Cappello
War, 90′

‘Based on a true story’ 

With Andrea Zirio, Giovanni Mancaruso, Ramon Branda, Roberto Pitta, Pierluigi Ferrero

Winner of EIFF Film Fest 2013.

Unconvetional tv-fictions bringers of high value contents.
Sport Crime – Season 1
Action Sport, 46′

‘Episode: Roots’

With: Daniela Scalia, Luca Tramontin, Jessica Polski, Mauro Loverre, Alice Piano

We also narrates real life adventures throug on the ground documentaries.
I Vajont
Drama, 60′
Attenti Al Treno
Drama, 60′
In our commercial division we produce corporate and promotional videos for clients around the world.

Giocheria supports Telethon

Spot TV, 30” / Spot Web, 15”

‘Video, Pictures and Backstage’.

Client: Giocheria
Agency: Tunnel Studios
Director: Federico Mazzi
DOP: Alessandro Dominici
Stylist: Agostino Porchietto
Production Design: Inverno
Post Production: Imago VFX

Clear Campaign

Web Campaign, 15′

‘Video, Pictures, Backstage and Interviews’.

Client: Unilever
Agency: MullenLowe
Director: Ben Jones
Creative Director: Daniel Kee, Alex Tan
Post Production: Cherry Cherry
Talent: Cristiano Ronaldo

Vivident Blast Campaign

Web Campaign, 30′

‘Video, Pictures and Backstage’.

Client: Perfetti Van Melle
Agency: MyVisto
Director: Alessandro Rota
Stylist: Agostino Porchietto
MUA: Gloria Cortigiani
Post Production: Adrama Srl


Web Campaign, 30′

‘Video, Pictures, Backstage and Interviews’

Client: SkinLabo
Agency: MyVisto
Director: Alessandro Rota
Stylist: Agostino Porchietto
Sound Design: Marco Paolini
Post Production: Imago VFX





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